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If you’ve recently received an invitation to a friend’s funeral, there may be a number of thoughts going through your head. You may be struck by a sense of grief, considering past times spent with the deceased, thinking about their legacy, or how their immediate family will cope with their passing; there’s even the chance you may never have before attended funerals, so perhaps there’s also a slight level of anxiety.

On top of all this, there are practical considerations that may spring to mind, such as booking time off work, making the journey, finding accommodation or choosing the right clothing to wear. It’s this latter topic that today’s blog, from J & S Funerals, time served Watford funeral directors, has taken a look at in more detail.

What to Wear to Funerals in Watford

The first thing to find out is the type of funeral the organisers have planned. This is usually mentioned on the invitation that you’ll receive by hand, through the post or online. Traditional funerals typically see men wear dark suits with tie and formal dress shoes. At some of the traditional funerals we’ve conducted in the Watford area, some have chosen to wear their military regalia – especially when having served with the deceased in years past. National dress, such as kilt and sporran for Scots, is also commonly sighted at traditional funerals. Dark ties are recommended, though it may be that a specific colour that has special meaning for the deceased and their interests – such as football colours – are encouraged.

Women attending traditional funerals around Watford – our hometown and principal area of coverage – usually opt for dark dresses, blouses, cardigans and blazers; offsetting white is also common. Unless specifically advised by funeral directors and the family or friends organising the service to wear colourful or striking clothing, we’d usually urge to take a conservative approach to an outfit; though if you know them well, you’ll have a better idea than anyone else on what will prove appropriate.

These days, it is certainly becoming more common to wear colourful and eye catching outfits to funerals. But black is still very much associated with tradition. Why? Black’s association with death and solemnity has long extended throughout western culture. In Britain particularly, we still see the effect of the Victorian enforcement of black dress code at funerals throughout Watford and the wider UK.

What if you aren’t attending a traditional funeral? Well here it’s best to strictly observe the advice of the organisers and funeral directors. If quirky and offbeat is the tune to march to: then consider what the deceased and their family might like to see you dressed up in. Bring some of your personal taste to the table, and have fun with picking out the outfit. The tone of the service will most likely reflect this approach, and the deceased and family’s wish to have a more exuberant service, full of unique character and celebration of life.

If you’re travelling to Watford for specific religious or cultural funerals, such as a Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, Japanese, Chinese or a traditional Dutch service – it’s worth asking if a particular dress code will be adhered to. There’s many resources available online that explain what will prove in keeping with customs, so a brief Google or conversation with the organisers or funeral directors will prove invaluable.

For advice concerning the arrangement of funerals in Watford, contact J & S Funerals – the area’s favoured local funeral directors. You can reach us on 01923 262939.