Non-Religious and Pre-Paid Funerals in Watford

Like all funeral directors with a genuinely compassionate approach, J & S Funeral Service specialise in non-religious funerals and pre-paid funerals. These options are vitally important to clients in the Watford area who need a reputable company of funeral arrangers to look after their needs both now and into the future. As part of our funeral services, we also make arrangements for horse-drawn hearses if your final farewell is set to be a lavish affair.

This page gives an insight into two of the key funeral services we provide in Watford on a daily basis. If you need to talk to us about either of these services after reading this page, our funeral directors very much look forward to hearing from you.

Non-Religious Funerals in Watford

Even if your loved one lived a life with no religious persuasions, it doesn’t make their passing any easier to bear. Part of our role as funeral arrangers for the Watford area is to help in the organisation of non-religious funerals. Our humanist approach to such occasions, and the fact that we are involved in so many each year, has made J & S Funerals one of the most practical and understanding planners of non-religious funerals.

From a simple goodbye in the company of very close friends and family to farewells with a flourish where horse-drawn hearses can be provided, all non-religious funerals held in Watford are organised in such a way as to pay the perfect tribute to your loved one. Our funeral directors provide advice on non-religious services in person or over the telephone.

Pre-Paid Funerals in Watford

Our funeral services in Watford are about so much more than dealing with the aftermath of bereavement. Indeed, our funeral arrangers spend much of their time handling requests from local people who are beginning to look ahead to the time they won’t be around to help or support their own families. This is where pre-paid funerals have an important role to play.

Pre-paid funerals are structured plans which allow our Watford clients to pay for their own funeral in stages while they are still well and alive. Designed to ease the financial burden on families after bereavement, and also to offer the client peace of mind that their loved ones won’t suffer hardship after a death, pre-paid funerals are available in many formats. Our funeral directors, who are based near Watford, can advise you on your options.

“Did you know that in 2004, the average cost of a funeral was approximately £1,920? It is expected that by 2025, a traditional funeral will cost somewhere in the region of £6,490. This is why it makes sense to freeze at today’s prices by selecting pre-paid funerals.”

To discuss non-religious funerals or pre-paid funerals in Watford, contact J & S Funerals for understanding help and advice.