Live Webcasts of Funeral Services

There are many reasons why a loved one might not be able to attend a funeral service; perhaps they are currently on the other side of the world and unable to make the trip, or are sick or injured and can’t leave their home. But now, thanks to modern technology, you needn’t miss out on the day’s proceedings altogether.

J&S Funerals can provide a live webcast of the service so that you can watch from wherever you might be. High quality video and audio will be beamed to your device – whether this is a desktop computer, laptop or tablet – so you can see family and friends pay tribute to the dearly departed in real time, while you pay your own respects at home.

If you believe that this service would prove beneficial, as you are anticipating that certain guests may not be able to attend in person, please mention this to one of our funeral directors. We’ll be able to provide further information, and ensure provisions are in place to enable remote viewing.

To speak with our Watford-based funeral directors, call 01923 262939. We create bespoke funeral packages that ensure a beautiful, memorable send-off for you loved one.