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Over our many years serving as Watford funeral directors, we’ve seen countless families and friends pay tribute to a deceased loved one in varied ways – from the traditional, to the outlandish. Considering the deceased’s personality, contributions to the world, career, tastes, hobbies and other such factors can really help figure out what might prove appropriate. Another consideration is the type of service being prepared, whether a religious service, a relaxed celebrant service, or something fairly unique; some tributes simply gel better with a service’s particular structure than others.

But below, to get the ideas flowing, we’ve looked to provide a few examples. If you remain unsure what to opt for, seek the advice of our Watford funeral directors. It’s our job to assist with every aspect of a service, and suggesting tributes comes with this. For more blog posts on funerals and the industry, navigate to our blog overview page.

Paying Tribute


If you have a local paper with an obituaries column, such as the Watford Observer – or if the deceased’s status means their passing is of interest to national circulation papers, or perhaps special interest magazines – then why not contact them with a carefully written tribute? It could list their accomplishments and how much they meant to family and friends, while celebrating their personal history. On top of this, locals who may have known them but have fallen out of contact over the years can be given the opportunity to learn of funeral arrangements (if it’s an open funeral). or ways to pay their own tributes (directions for donation to special charities, or an address to send flowers). Our Watford funeral directors can assist by directing enquiries from those interested in attending a funeral, in the case of the former.


Picking out a carefully chosen bouquet that says something about the deceased – incorporating flowers they liked, colours that were significant or that spell their name – is a time honoured tradition. Friends and associates not directly involved in the funeral can also send flowers if in the organisers’ wishes, and these can be forwarded straight to our Watford funeral directors so we can collect up the total. The end result may be a touching and impressive floral display, and a testament to the popularity of the departed.


Music speaks to all of us in different ways. We have our favourite genres, artists and songs which can have a certain significance or evoke a certain time in our lives. Choosing music to play at the service, or even for a friend or family member to perform, can be a way to recognise the power of the particular song and the influence it may have had on the life of the deceased. It may also be a song that “sums up” their unique character, and creates a profound atmosphere in which to conduct the send-off.


Similarly to music, poems have the power to move us and provoke thoughts of transcendent character. If a literary person, perhaps there are existing poems that were cherished during their lifetime, or a poem that may say what you’d like to say, but lack the words to express. Or, if you feel touched and inspired, you may wish to write a poem and read it during the service; whether an epic, a sonnet or a limerick – it’s completely down to you.


A timeless tradition, the eulogy – typically delivered by a family member or friend who was particularly close to the dearly departed – can be touching, emotional, funny and irreverent, or all these things and more. Our Watford funeral directors, over the years, have been privileged to read or hear eulogies that have been tone-perfect, soul bearingly honest testaments to a life well lived. There are many ways to go about a eulogy, but by sticking true to your voice and speaking on behalf of near and dear companions, you’re on the path to a successful one.

But these aren’t the only ways you can pay tribute. To discuss ideas with our Watford funeral directors, call 01923 262939 at your earliest convenience.