Our Fleet | J.S Funerals

It’s the last leg of the journey, to the departed’s final resting place. Therefore it should be a journey taken in comfort and style, for the sake of the deceased and those accompanying them. J & S Funerals has carefully selected a fleet of Jaguar vehicles that meets these ends, which we have looked to detail below.

black vehicle

We have a fleet expansive enough to accommodate larger processions, ensuring all funeral goers can be part of this oft-solemn, but memorable and cathartic journey to the destination where the service will take place. Our drivers are caring and considerate, ensuring that this vital precursor to the funeral itself is handled seamlessly, without incident.

Hearse - We employ the Jaguar Pilato Queen II hearse, which can accommodate four occupants including the driver. Known for their elegant appearance and bold profiles, they fuse timeless British engineering with cutting edge Italian design. Renowned and sought after for all these reasons and more, they are available in both Silver and Black, are the perfect transportation to take your loved one to their resting ground.

Limousines - Perfectly complementing our Queen II hearse are our Jaguar Pilato limousines, which can each comfortably accommodate five to six mourners. They are the ideal means of accompanying the hearse due to their aesthetic similarities, which provides an overall impression of cohesion. As with the Queen II, our Jaguar Pilato limousines lend the procession a gravitas and sense of dignity, and are available in both Silver and Black.

Have a question regarding our fleet, or any other aspect of a service you are planning? Call J & S Funerals, time served local funeral directors for Watford and its surrounds, on 01923 262939.