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After attending a service, many find that they wish to take away some sort of tribute that will help them remember the event for years and years to come. Bespoke orders of service, and similar printed items such as attendance cards, memorial cards and bookmarks, can be ideal options to ensure all walk away with a heartfelt token of remembrance. Other products, such as memory boxes and books of condolence, can provide immediate family with a treasure that can be looked back on fondly.

J&S Funerals offers funeral organisers a range of different options for all these different product types, which can incorporate personal photographs, poems, hymns, eulogies or whatever else you think will encapsulate the spirit of the day. On this page, we’ve featured examples so you can get an idea of what might best suit. We welcome you to contact our funeral directors if you’d like further advice, by calling 01923 262939.

Orders of Service

These are professionally designed and printed on either premium silk paper, uncoated paper or a premium recycled paper with as light grain in the finish. Incorporate relevant colour or black and white photos, and complement them with your choice of backgrounds and borders.

Past time and Hobbies
Past Time and Hobbies
Black and White
Black and White

Memorial Cards

A simplified version of an order of service. Memorial cards are also designed to your preferences, often featuring text on one side paying tribute to the deceased, and a design on the front which may feature their name, when they were born and passed, and a simple graphic or border.

Bookmarks & Keyrings

A bookmark is a wonderful tribute as it will likely see a lot of use, and constantly remind the owner of the legacy of the deceased. Likewise, metal and clear plastic keyrings featuring a photo on one side and a text on the other (e.g a poem or eulogy) is a popular option.

Books of Condolence

Funeral services are the perfect opportunity for family and friends to reflect, sharing their personal memories and stories of the dearly departed. A personalised book of condolence allows you to collect these recollections, and look back at them whenever you wish to remember your loved one, and share a smile or laugh about their way.

Memory Boxes

These cute boxes let you store keepsakes safely, each of which will evoke different memories relating to the departed. They’re ideal if you have little knick-knacks, jewellery, photographs and similar mementos each of which helps build the bigger picture of a life well lived. Just as with other stationary items, these can be fully personalised and can be manufactured in different sizes.

Memorial/keepsake Portraits

A high quality portrait photo of the deceased can enjoy pride of place on your mantel or elsewhere in your home, where it will be a warm and soothing reminder of their lifetime. We manufacture these in different styles, from a traditional two-tone frame with contrasting mount, to a more contemporary canvas print.

Memory Boards

Get creative with a memory board, which be a fun collection of photos, newspaper clippings and similar items that tell a story. They can then be placed on prominent display at the service itself, and be mounted on a wall, or placed on a mantle at home after the service has concluded.

For more information about such tokens of remembrance and how they can complement your service, call the funeral directors at J&S Funerals in Watford on 01923 262939.