Our Funeral Directors Plan Non-Religious Events in Hemel Hempstead

Largely because of the current age, our funeral directors encounter more and more people in Hemel Hempstead who wish to plan non-religious funerals following a bereavement. Just because the deceased has no religious persuasion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that family and friends won’t want to say their farewells in an appropriate and fitting manner.

Humanist ceremonies can be planned by our funeral directors so that your final goodbye in Hemel Hempstead is both poignant and memorable. After discussing your requirements and your ideas, J & S Funeral Service can liaise with a humanist minister and will often arrange for the appropriate person to visit you at your Hemel Hempstead home.

The reason for a home visit is for our funeral directors and the humanist minister, if one is required, to learn as much as possible about the deceased. This ensure that when the time comes to hold a non-religious funeral in Hemel Hempstead, the ceremony will capture the personality of the deceased, their passions and their lifetime achievements.


Many families who rarely or never attend a church in Hemel Hempstead come to our funeral directors for advice on non-religious ceremonies because they retain an element of faith. We are understanding of such situations and use our many years of experience to plan a suitable funeral built around specific wishes and beliefs.

On the day itself, our funeral directors will be on hand to ensure the occasion passes off in the exact way our Hemel Hempstead clients have requested. It is even possible to include references to Paganism, Buddhism and Hinduism if the deceased felt in tune with a particular religion without ever directly participating in it.

If you prefer to lead your own non-religious funeral or need our funeral directors to help organise a service where personal eulogies and tributes are read to mourners, this is something we can advise on. J & S Funerals have already overseen a significant number of non-religious funerals in Hemel Hempstead and Hertfordshire.

Options you may wish to consider include:

  • Live or pre-recorded music
  • The reading of tributes from family members and friends
  • The reading of poems or literature
  • Reflective silence and prayers
  • Flower laying, candle lighting and balloon releases

While crematoriums and municipal burial chapels in and around Hemel Hempstead are best suited for a non-religious service, our funeral directors can provide you with help and advice if you have a different location in mind. We fully understand that there may be places you’ll remember that instantly remind you of happy times with your passed loved one.

If you plan to arrange a non-religious funeral in Hemel Hempstead, our funeral directors can give you practical help and advice.