Transport Tailored to Your Service & Wishes – Our Fleet of Funeral Vehicles | J & S Funerals

On the day of the funeral, it’s important that you and your loved ones have appropriate vehicles to transport both the deceased, and those closest to them to the site of the service. J & S Funerals has a fleet of black and silver XJ Jaguar vehicles available made up of hearses, limousines and saloon cars. Beautiful yet suitably understated, they command an air of dignity and respect. Our highly experienced drivers ensure that the cortege will stay together, preventing separation from the hearse during the course of the journey. Their job is to ensure the departure and arrival are seamless and stress-free, and are conducted according to your wishes.

At J & S Funerals, we’re acutely aware that every service is different and unique. Some of our clients wish for a very small cortege: a hearse and single saloon car or limousine for the closest relatives of the dearly departed. Others wish for a larger cortege which can accommodate friends, neighbours and extended family. Just as with every other aspect of your service, we’ll ensure the transportation to and from the service meets your requirements, adapting our fleet’s size and vehicle make-up accordingly.

Our standard limousines can take up to seven passengers, while our saloons take four – but simply tell our funeral directors the number of guests who will accompany the hearse, and we’ll figure out the best combination for you. If there are particular makes and models of vehicles that you think will best pay homage to the departed, or best suit the service, then please inform us and we will look to secure them. We also have a range of alternative means of transportation, to ensure all can be catered for…

A Timeless Tradition – Horse-Drawn Turnouts

Many of our past clients have chosen horse-drawn turnouts for a more traditional, ceremonial air. We can provide both black and white horses with matching carriages, according to your wishes, in teams of two, four or six. Combinations of horses with coloured, plumed headdresses can be selected to match your vision. Glass carriages are also available, which allow onlookers to see the casket transported to its final resting place.


A Pair of Black Horses and Black Carriage


A Pair of Black Horses and White Carriage


A Pair of White Horses and White Carriage


A Pair of White Horses and Pink Carriage


A Team of Black Horses and Black Carriage


A Team of Black Horses and White Carriage


Capture a Sense of Nostalgia With Our Classic Hearses

For an altogether different sort of motorised transportation that serves as a nostalgic nod to yester-year, we can provide restored Austin and Rolls-Royce hearses of the kind popular in the 1930s. Many choose this to pay respects to classic car lovers, or those who have fond memories of these charming and distinctive vehicles from their childhood.

The Perfect Send-off for Avid Motorcyclists

Your dearly departed’s hearse needn’t arrive at its resting place on four wheels or hooves; we can also provide motorcycle hearses ideal for those who enjoyed biking while they were alive. Options include the sporty Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle hearse, an American classic in a Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse, and the stylish and iconic Triumph motorcycle hearse.

Hearses for the Manufacturer Enthusiast

Two manufacturers with a reputation for committed fans are Land Rover and Volkswagen. It might feel inappropriate for avid enthusiasts to make their final road trip in a Jaguar or similar vehicle; so consider the custom built Land Rover Defenders and Volkswagen Campers that we have available, which can be complemented with matching limousines for a unified cortege that pays respect to their lifelong interest or hobby.

A Slice of British History, or a Homage to a Personal One

We can also make provisions for a Route-Master bus to transport your party, or a flatbed truck to take the hearse should this seem to fit the personal history of the departed: perhaps they drove a flatbed lifelong, as part of their work or self-owned business, or were a bus driver in their time.

Make a Splash With Drops of Colour

It’s increasingly popular to opt against the traditional black hearse and limousine or horse-drawn carriage; many services now see the congregation wear a different colour, perhaps the deceased’s favourite. We can provide alternative coloured transport to match the theme of the service, for example a pink Daimler hearse and matching limousines or saloons.

Whoever we’re transporting, and whether you opt for a limousine or horse-drawn turnout, our drivers are intimate with the nuances of the job, and drive carefully in the ceremonial fashion. It’s our job to get you to the service safely, in the dignified manner your family deserves.

To learn more about our fleet of funeral vehicles, or any other aspect of the services we organise, call Watford’s J & S Funerals on 01923 262939.