Advice on Sympathetic Gifts from Our Funeral Directors in Watford

Friends and relations of the recently bereaved often approach our Watford based funeral directors to ask the question: “What can I give as a token of my sympathy?” Flowers are seen as the traditional, safe option and can indeed be a wonderful show of solidarity. But oftentimes the bereaved specifically asks that flowers not be sent; in other situations, an attendee is aware of the sheer amount of flowers that are already being sent, and want to diversify the show of conciliatory gifts (sometimes due to concerns over waste).

So what can you send instead? Putting forth a few ideas to spark your imagination is the aim of this latest blog. If you’ve accidentally stumbled across this page because you are searching for funeral directors serving Watford and its surrounds, do not feel obliged to read on. Instead, call us at your earliest convenience on 01923 262 939 so we can discuss your situation and how to proceed.

Alternatives to Bereavement Flowers


Similar to flowers in that they are aesthetically pleasing and can symbolise new beginnings and rebirth (from seeds or cuttings), the big difference is that plants can last a lot longer. One of the concerns we’ve had raised by Watford clients in the past is that flowers will likely soon wilt and die, which can leave a sour taste due to the context in which they were received; plants get around this by providing the bereaved with something to tend and care for, which will blossom and remind them of nature’s beauty and perhaps, fond memories spent with their departed.

Furthermore, there are all sorts of options you have available. Certain plants may be of particular relevance due to their colour or genus, or you could perhaps go for a synthetic plant if it strikes you as a better idea.

Donation to a Good Cause

For as long as our funeral directors have been in business, charitable donations in the name of the departed and bereaved have been popular choices amongst Watford clients. The charity should be something of significance, for example: the departed was an animal lover, so you donate to a charity that provides hand’s on help to animals; perhaps they were an ex-serviceman, so you donate to a veteran’s or widow’s charity; if they suffered a particular disease or similar affliction, then towards research into curing said affliction. Local charities are also a great idea. Whatever you chose, the money goes toward real change, and will undoubtedly be appreciated as thoughtful and kind.

Food Hampers

In the weeks and months following a funeral, those personally affected can find day-to-day life far harder to bear; while this period of mourning typically passes, or at least becomes less intense, offering a practical gift that assists in this difficult time is a great idea for any friend or family member considering an alternative to a bouquet. That’s why J&S Funerals, the Watford area’s time served funeral directors, often recommend food hampers and fruit baskets: something that can be enjoyed and help sustain the bereaved when they simply don’t feel like cooking, or going out to the shops.

If you have recently lost someone in your life and are searching for caring, respectful funeral directors with a rich history in Watford and its surrounds, call J&S Funerals on 01923 262 939.