Stunning Flower Arrangements for Your Ceremony

At J & S Funerals, we aim to ensure every detail of both religious and non-religious ceremonies is handled with the upmost of care; even the smallest of touches must be perfect so the event is deserving of the dearly departed it honours, and a memorable opportunity for the friends and family who attend to say a last goodbye.

This is why we work with a highly distinguished florist, Maples Flowers, which we have a long-standing relationship with and trust as our recommended supplier. An expertly assembled and carefully chosen flower arrangement can prove the perfect complement to a funeral service, functioning as a respectfully appropriate aesthetic element framing a centrepiece, or as the centrepiece itself.

Finding the Perfect Flowers

The Maples Flower team has a wealth of experience working with the recently bereaved to find flowers that suit the occasion; there might be certain colours that the deceased was fond of, or particular shapes or words the arrangement can be made in that have significance. So consider the following types when picturing what you’d like:

coffin flowers
Coffin and Casket
cross flowers
heart flowers
Pillows and Cushions
Tied Sheaves
Lay Flat Bouquet

To simplify the organisational side of things, we are happy to handle this on your behalf, communicating the instructions we receive during our initial consultation. Alternatively, we will put you in touch with them so you can have a more hand’s on involvement with sourcing the perfect flowers – it’s completely down to you and part of our commitment to bespoke, tailored services that are truly one of a kind.

To speak with our funeral directors and discuss what you’re looking for out of flower arrangements, or the service more generally, call the J&S Funerals teams on 01923 262939.