Coffins and Caskets

The Rockwood

A wood effect coffin furnished with Fleur handles, bell tops matching plate of inscription and lined with a satin frill

rockwod coffin


A light Oak veneered coffin furnished with York handles wreath holders matching plate of inscription and lined with a satin frill

prenton coffin

The Parkside

A light Oak veneered coffin with a double raised lid veneered mouldings furnished with York handles wreath holders matching plate of inscription and lined with a satin frill

parkside coffin

The Langley

A mahogany veneered coffin with panelled sides furnished with Dearden handles wreath holders  matching plate of inscription and lined with a satin frill

langley coffin

The Mead

A golden Oak veneered coffin with raised lid panelled sides furnished with Oscar wreath holders  handles matching plate of inscription and lined with a satin frill

mead coffin

The RoSE

Is a personalized coffin with any engraving of your choice, (Names, Poem, Football Team, Messages, Logos,) with fleur handles wreath holders matching plate of inscription suitable and lined in a satin frill

rose coffin

English Willow

Beautifully handwoven by skilled craftsmen with long family histories in willow weaving, using traditional methods and great attention to detail. Willow has been grown on the Somerset levels for centuries and as it regenerates easily once harvested, it has become a popular sustainable choice. Different colours are achieved by using natural methods of drying, boiling or stripping of the willow bark. For a more colourful appearance, the willow strands can also be dyed in a range of natural colours. Each of these has a plait at the edge of the lid, a stripe in the middle and at the bottom for a pleasing contrast.

english willow coffinenglish willow coffin 2

Fair Trade Crafted Bamboo

Our Fair Trade crafted bamboo coffins are woven from the sustainable and flexible bamboo cane. For the Bamboo Eco coffin these have been woven in the traditional way, giving it a smooth surface. The straw coloured bamboo has a light green hue, and as with all natural materials, the colour of the bamboo can slightly differ on each strand.

bamboo coffinbamboo crafted coffin

Golden Brown Banana

Made from flexible but strong banana cord, which is woven around a natural cane and light rattan framework, thus giving the whole product even more stability. The round ended coffins have a rustic but at the same time a gentle and surprisingly soft appearance.

banana coffinbrown banana coffin

Cromer and Highsted Willow

Handcrafted from the sustainable willow using traditional methods. The willow is woven onto a self-supporting frame, which gives the coffins exceptional strength whilst at the same time remaining incredibly light. These coffins are manufactured in the EU using cottage industry methods, in which people work in their own homes to create these products. The round ended Cromer and the traditional shaped Highsted both come in two different colours (light and natural).

cromer coffinhighsted coffin


Made in Indonesia in only World Fair Trade Organisation accredited workshops, making a real difference to the lives of the local people. The pandanus coffins are made from the leaves of a prolific growing plant, a provider of a highly renewable and sustainable material. The dried leaves are being twisted into cord using traditional methods, then woven and coiled around a natural cane framework. Rattan is also woven into the coffins’ design to create a striking lightweight contrast against the silvery colour of the Pandanus.

pandanus coffinpandanus coffin 2

Burial Shrouds
Made from materials such as wool, hemp, flax and even silk, burial Shrouds have been used for centuries. Our bamboo shrouds are made from tightly woven unbleached bamboo yarn, a highly sustainable and renewable material. Our willow stretcher is woven with dark barked willow which gives it a rustic, earthy appearance. Both are 100% bio-degradable and ideal for natural burial.

shrouds coffin

Economical Cardboard

Made of at least 70% recycled paper and wood pulp sourced from reputable sustainable forests. Constructed to a special design, these coffins can carry up to 23 stone in weight. Our basic cardboard coffins come in three different appearances, all supplied with natural rope handles. The white coffin can also be chosen in a different single colour. Just let your funeral director know which colour you would like. All our cardboard coffins are 100% biodegradable, as no plastic is used when making these.

economical coffineconomical cardboard coffin

Picture Cardboard Coffins

We offer a great selection of images, thus making it a good choice to celebrate the life of a loved one. We have a much greater selection of picture coffins available than we could possibly display here. Please enquire with your Funeral Director if you have something particular in mind. These picture coffins can also be personalised with your own images. As the images are printed directly onto the coffin, no plastic film has been used to create these, and they are like all our products 100 % biodegradable.

picture coffinpicture cardboard coffin


Sealing steel casket, white finish with bronze highlights, white velvet interior

duchess coffinduchess open coffin


Solid copper casket, natural copper and deep bronze finish, light cream velvet interior

kennedy coffinkennedy open coffin


Solid bronze casket, natural bronze and black finish, light cream velvet interior

emporer coffinemporer open coffin


Steel sealing casket, ebony and platinum finish, white velvet interior

centurion coffincenturion open coffin


Steel sealing casket, gold and white finish, white interior

devotion coffindevotion open coffin


Steel sealing casket, pearl and black finish, white velvet interior

jefferson coffinjefferson open coffin

Platinum Royal

Steel sealing casket, pearl and platinum finish, white velvet interior

platinum royal coffinplatinum royal open coffin

Kings Blue

Steel sealing casket, pearl and navy blue finish, pale blue velvet interior

kings blue coffinkings blue open coffin

Steel sealing casket, pearl and lilac finish, pale pink interior

tearose coffintearose open coffin

Roman Gold
Steel sealing casket, natural steel and gold finish, light cream velvet interior

roman coffinroman open coffin

Hudson - Non Sealer

Non-Sealing steel casket, champagne finish, light cream interior

hudson coffinhudson open coffin

Cleveland  - Non Sealer

Non-Sealing steel casket, white finish, white cream interior

cleveland coffincleveland open coffin