Chipperfield Clients Ask our Funeral Directors about Ashes

At J & S Funeral Service, we cover all locations in and around the Abbots Langley area including Chipperfield. Our funeral directors are always available to provide compassionate help and advice on burials and cremations. The lead-up to a funeral is nearly always fraught and stressful, and many of our Chipperfield clients fail to think about the days that follow.

Did you know that some funeral directors from various parts of the country are reporting that they are still in ownership of ashes from cremations held more than half a century ago? From our own perspective, our own funeral directors assist our own clients in Chipperfield by caring for their ashes indefinitely until such a time as they are claimed.

This is because many of the people we meet have enough to think about in the wake of a bereavement. Emotional turmoil and having to go through the grieving process can both take their toll. When the time is right, however, our funeral directors return claimed ashes to our Chipperfield clients and advise on what to do with them next.


Following a cremation, our funeral directors can arrange for the ashes to be placed in a wooden casket or a biodegradable container for burial at a churchyard or cemetery in the Chipperfield area. Restrictions often apply to where ashes can be placed so it’s best to check current guidelines for your own parish before deciding on a burial.


This is an increasingly common way of handling ashes and, while many crematoriums close to Chipperfield allow scattering, we think there’s something more befitting about choosing a memorable place instead. As funeral directors, we’ve known of previous clients who have scattered ashes at sea, in parks and woodland, on revisited holidays and even at home.


More than 1 in 5 people in the UK choose urns to contain ashes and often keep them at home as a way of still feeling close to a lost loved one. Our funeral directors can supply an attractive range of urns to customers from the Chipperfield area who still feel a sense of comfort in knowing that the ones they’ve loved most are still nearby.

To ask further question about ashes, prospective clients from the Chipperfield area can call our funeral directors to discuss their personal ideas and wishes.